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User : splusa [Report User]

Average score Total score Num votes
4.21 303 72
splusa: ready willing and able !!!!
ready willing and able !!!!

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Most recent comments

cockinurasshole (23rd Oct 2007, 23:17)
I want to be your best butt buddy.
thickload1 (29th Jul 2007, 09:34)
i would love to fuck your ass.lets trade pics
cumonmyback (21st Jul 2007, 05:42)
That ass looks so tasty. Great body too. Would love to see more. 10 from me.
plxkck (17th Jul 2007, 16:59)
Pic. 1: Nice position from which to massage the prostate gland with the right hand and give a handjob with the left hand. When the throbbing and squirting gets underway, you'll feel it and see it quite directly.
cuddlebear12 (17th Jul 2007, 11:31)
Man your ass is just as hot as your cock I would love to taste those sweet buns and the hole that hides between them!!!!! 10+++
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